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I agree a fully framed single unit, like the BV11 / 14 and even Contour, look super coherent and elegant, in a way that is tough to achieve with a two piece.

That said, I think they’ve done a pretty good job.

If the speaker part also got wider with 65 and 77 inch panel sizes, the whole (wider) theatre would just be so very huge – remember, in the centre speaker array part, the Theatre is 6 inches deep.   Continuing that depth for 65 or 77 inches would be so so chunky, I woudl have (for me ) tipped over into unwieldy and inelegant.

Otherwise, I also a intrigued as to how TrueImage and Atmos will co-exist. Having remained firmly stuck in the 5.1 era, it makes me rather apprehensive – but I suspect it will all be fine.