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Hello Beoworlders,

To Martin: Sorry but I could not localize the smell.
I always carefully removed the ribbon cables using the ZIF connector on the servo board.
I agree with you, there are sharp angles on the CDM 4 and I hope that the seller took care when he recapped the unit.

To all: Today, I exchanged the laser units from one drive to another, here are my findings:

CDM 4 servo with CDM 2 Laser: plays well on an 8 tracks CD except a noise when moving to a track at the end of the CD, but does not work on a 18 tracks one. This behaviour was identical on original CDM 2 unit before the “smell incident”. See these videos:

CDM 2 servo with CDM 4 Laser: same symptom as on full CDM 2 unit after the “smell incident”. See this video:

I come to the conclusion that something is wrong on both servo boards as no perfect result is obtained.

When it comes to lasers, I suppose they are still functional, but I suspect the CDM 2 one needs some tuning and I have neither knowledge and equipment to proceed. I have no idea for CDM 4.

So “I send an SOS to the world” and would be grateful if somedy with the know-how could take over this repair. Of course, I take all the costs.

Thanks by advance and kind regards,