Reply To: Beo4 and Beolink 1000 Remote Shortcuts and Equivalent Button Presses

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Hi Guy,

I’ve tried to participate to your topic by amending it with Beoline 5000 equivalent.
Unfortunately I stalled after the red button key equivalent 🙂

Anyway, maybe a little out of topic do you know how to trigger A.AUX from the 5000?

This is to manually switch the inputs on a Playmaker. Beside auto-detect (that sometimes fails), Airplay is triggered by A.MEM (A.TAPE on the BL5000) and the analog input with A.AUX. and for that last I can’t find any equivalent on the BL5000.

N.B.: I could use a Beo4 but I find so stylish to have that BL5000… 🙂