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I presume that the BC6000 was originally connected to another base that you own, known to it as ‘Base 1’ (with your phonebook stored).

If this is the case, your phone still has registration to ‘Base 1’ stored – even though it is currently connected to a different base (Beoline 2) to make calls. Perhaps the BC6000 can only reset the first base that it is connected to, and this is not currently the Beoline.

You could try resetting the BC6000 handset: Dot 7 000 9 OK.

Then re-register the BC6000 to the Beoline 2 and try the Dot 7 000 8 OK trick to reset the Beoline 2.

However, I do know that there are software incompatibilities between older handsets and newer bases, so perhaps you simply cannot reset a Beoline 2 from a Mk1 BC6000.

I can’t think of any other suggestions, apart from disconnecting everything (perhaps even removing phone batteries), leaving it overnight and trying again tomorrow. Beocom/Beoline registration can be quite temperamental and sometimes it takes a bit of patience and luck!