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Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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Yes, the FM radio should work as normal if an aerial is connected (sorry I didn’t think to check this!)

As there aren’t any other IR-based B&O products in the BeoHome, it would be necessary to program the Beoliving Intelligence to translate any incoming IR codes received from the Beomaster via the NL/ML Converter, eg. TV, LIGHT, etc and assign them to outgoing network commands.  I’m not aware of any other controls being configured to work from IR, but maybe one of the B&O Integration team will read this and respond!

By the way, I will follow up in the next few weeks with a “deep dive” video explaining exactly how to voice control a Beogram from Google or Alexa (Siri is also possible, but a different process, so not sure that is worth covering).

Kind regards, Steve.