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OliverC is right…that is the signal chain (which also includes a MCL to ML Converter in order to integrate the MCL Beomaster to the ML chain).
The Beolink Gateway (as well as the newer Beolink Intelligence) makes the voice controlling possible.
Means no magic……but clever programming combined with the linking possibilities built-in to the Bang & Olufsen products.
Something that you would want that more B&O dealers would/could showcase!

In the cinema room they are using a Trinnov Altitude audio processor (unless they have changed that lately). This advanced processor – amongst a lot of other things – makes it possible to set up several different speaker groups like we also know it from the BSys4 respectively the Sound Center of the newer BV’s.
This way B&O can showcase different multichannel Beolab setups in the same room.
The Trinnov processor can also be integrated with the Beolink Gateway for creating different scenes (lightning, screen etc) as Steve told us in the video.

All in all that room is a further development, a perfection of what a B&O setup has been able to since the days of the Beosystem 3/cinema options.



Thanks for the video – I have been looking forward to it 😉



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