Reply To: “Hey Google, play the Beogram” ;-)

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Hi Steve,

thank you for the video, it is impressive!

I really did like the remotely controlled Beogram. 

My guess: BG —> Beomaster —> ML/NL adapter —> Core?

About the cinema room: I’m not asking B&O to make everything but I’m also wondering how they managed the sound processing without a BV.

Another question is about the BV Harmony.
The current BV’s have B&O sound processing “only”, so how is it possible to control the motorised screen positioning by scene?
I thought this option was lost since BS4-based BV phased out.
Back then it was possible to have different positioning and speaker configuration based on the source (e.g. when listening to BG then the screen was off and hold still using only stereo speakers, when watching tv, the BV moved towards the viewer using all the speakers etc.).

Maybe I’m just confused (sorry!), any suggestion would be appreciated.

Again, thanks for the great video!