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Sorry I don’t know what processing is done behind the scenes here. I don’t think there is anything wrong with combining B&O’s expertise (TVs, speakers, headphones, etc) with the best that other high-end tech companies can offer. We don’t expect B&O to make their own lighting or motorised window shades, but we know any good B&O store can provide a fully integrated setup with lighting and window control from your B&O remote. The same is true with this theatre room. B&O speakers work seamlessly with other brands of projector, lighting and audio processor.

Yes, it would be nice if B&O made everything, but that probably isn’t realistic. This way, the things that need to be “B&O quality” get the attention they require and the whole system looks and operates as though every part were a B&O product.

I love this cinema and they had a lot of trouble trying to remove me when the demo was finished 😉

Kind regards, Steve.