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I’ve replied! Once we have the solution we’ll post it here so that others can benefit. In the meantime (as put in my PM) I think your MX7000 is the older Type 33xx which is designed for the Beolink 1000 remote. It should be possible to do what I explained with the Mk1 AV button Beo4, but we are also hampered by the lack of a user guide for the early MX7000 – the ones available on Beoworld are for the later Type 78xx and 87xx versions designed for Beo4 operation.

Do you mean Service manual or just user guide/manual? because I have a square MX7000 manual here that says its for either the Beolink 1000 or Beolink 5000 and has a part number of 3501413 (0936)

Would that help you?