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I think you have an older version of the TV that was actually introduced when the default remote was a Beolink1000 (without a screen).  I am guessing a bit here but give this a go:

Firstly I think that you need to add TURN and STORE to the LIST function of the Beo4 remote (using the ADD function of the remote menu I describe earlier).

Then turn the TV on by pressing TV.

Press GO (the cue TUNE appears on the screen).

Use the number pad to key in 0 7 5 (or any random frequency)

Use the Beo4’s LIST button to select TURN, and then press GO several times until ‘dec on’ is shown on the tune screen of the TV.

Use the LIST button to select STORE, and press GO.

Press the number 1 – to store the TV preset as 1.

Use the LIST button to select STORE and press GO again.

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