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Thank you both for taking the time to reply.  I certainly cannot tell the difference between connecting the speakers to my MacBook through their digital coax cables (converted to Toslink, plugged in a Cal Digit dock, which is then connected to the laptop via Thunderbolt) and connecting them through the Line-In inputs into the Topping D30 DAC, which is then  connected to the laptop through USB.  The two configurations sound the same to me, even at 24 bit/96 kHz music samples.  Of course, I still have not figured out how the MacBook’s intrinsic MiDi utility plays a role in all this (that would be another forum question).

Since all of us on this forum tend to get a little obsessive (!), I asked the question about the external DAC, but I’m glad to be brought back to firm ground by your comments, which essentially ask me to show some common sense!