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Keith Saunders
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I have had all my Beocom 6000’s Mark 2 connected using VOIP for some years without a problem. I am not on Virgin, but my comments below relate to any ISP.

There is fundamentally two methods you can use with total success and they are:-

  1. Use a Router which has analogue sockets such as the Draytek 2830vn (Shown below)
  2. Use a Cisco SPA112 two line phone adapter (Interface shown below)

I use method number 2 and have a free SIP account with Sipgate.

Other points to note is that BT uses (3) wires at the master box. Pin 3 on the master box is ring indicator which in the master box is linked by a capacitor to one of the line wires and two wires go around your house to slave sockets. If incoming calls are not ringing, then your problem is related to pin 3.

Both options above get over this problem because their outputs are as if you were plugging your phone into a BT master socket. Also check if you are using 2 or 4 wire RJ11 cable, you need four wire.