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I would comment with all due respect, that there is a fraternity of people out there who like to compare the DAC chips against one another. Some DAC chips are deemed good, other less so. This of course is your prerogative. I recall that the DAC is a Burr-Brown (circa 2003 vintage) and would likely not have been revised in that time.

In my opinion, B&O tend to make products with mainstream quality components rather than rely on “moon-cheese unobtainium rare specialty components”.

I would also say in my opinion what you are doing is at best unwise, and perhaps at worse, wont work(??). The BL5 is essentially an all-in-one digital active loudspeaker. loudspeaker, digital amplification, DSP and ADC/DAC are allĀ  incorporated withing the chassis.

I do not think you can bypass the internal DACs because of this. Line-in and Powerlink (essentially the same bar a few voltage differences) are analogue and will have been generated via another external DAC. The SPDif input may bypass the the ADC by definition, but will still have to go through the central processor and internal DAC.

Finally, I would say listen to the final output. Are you happy with the sound of the music? i.e. don’t listen to the DAC as the be-all and end-all.

Attached BL5 Process schematic.BL5 Schematic