Reply To: New feature: B&O Radio can now be used by ASE products

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I would be surprised if B&O radio provides a higher bit rate than TuneIn since, it is my understanding, that neither service is actually providing the bit-stream, but rather more or less providing a catalog to find and connect to the bit-stream. The audio provider is the one actually broadcasting the bit-stream. I recall in the early days of streaming radio, some stations had higher and lower bitrate offerings – mostly for those folks who still had slow internet – but in today’s world of broadband everywhere, I would think most broadcasters probably don’t do that any longer.

I was going to test this, but then decided it would be too difficult since B&O radio capable devices can’t do TuneIn and vice-versa. Yeah, I could use bluetooth or Chromecast, but that’s adding another variable or two to the audio chain.

That makes sense. I was not aware of how the bitstream was served to the device.