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Renaissance touring in 2014…..with Annie Haslam – and Mary Fahl

Self-indulgent, singing vocal exercises in concert… Also, Mary Fahl (in 2014) sounded like Annie Haslam *used to* 40 years prior — but that duet just showcased the loss.  Referencing further above, it’s like any post-2010 Sarah McLachlan concert: a little creaky, a little shrieky.  Likewise, it’s uplifting that Joni Mitchell *could* sing (and play guitar!) yesterday at the famous Newport Folk Festival, but *should* she?  If one needs a nostalgia fix, or to give accolades for a lifetime of performance, one should purchase an original album, remastered, instead. (Now who’s the grumpy cat?  But I’ll go listen to a (decade-old) Mary Fahl recording, as you suggest!-)

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