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Beosound A1 2nd-gen available at for USD 150.  Black and grey only, while supplies last.  That’s a decent price; wish I wanted a Bluetooth speaker:

Notes: (i) has not-quite-so-good prices, $205 for black and $181 for grey. (ii) These resellers’ website “discount percentages” are all calculated from $250, i.e. before the most-recent 10% gratuitous price increase, as @Curly alludes to above.  (iii) Verizon is just getting rid of A1 from its line-up.  [EDIT: [[Those of you who remember the Verizon-custom (fewer drivers) Beosound Stage will notice it’s no longer available.]] back on Verizon’s website again, $999 as usual.]  Looks like they are keeping the Explore, Level, and Beolit 20, which remain at (pre-gratuitous-increase) list prices of $199, $1499, & $529 respectively.

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