Reply To: BeoLink PC2 and Beo4 Remote on MacBook Pro Early 2015

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Good evening Guy,

Thank you for your extensive answer.
What I understand is that the Beoport or Beolink PC2 is usefull if you have a masterlink network and want to add a computer source.

In nowadays scenarios (server music shared through wifi or computer out to speakers not using the now deprecated Beoplayer software) they are more convenient solutions.

Am I right?

Nevertheless, it made me think of a new topic idea, something like:
“Can I do something funky with all this old B&O boxes I’ve collected over the years?”
Collectors always end up having beolink boxes, lot of Masterlink devices, lot more of something-link wires and a drawers full of remotes (just in case).

What do you (Guy and Forum members) think?