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However, that needs a bit more information.

I am running the beta 4.0.1 and trying to update the app redirects me to the Testflight app saying that I have the latest app version.

Trying to play stations from the B&O Radio part results in a ‘not supported on this (means an ASE) product’ message.

Where/when and how did you get the 4.1.0 version – respectively where did you find the information on this?

And further….how do you create a radio station list that you – afterwards – can access via the Beoremote?

On another device I have the regular app version – that is 4.1.xxxx (got updated a week ago).
No sign of support for B&O Radio there either, when I try to play to my Essences and M3’s.


Im on the regular app right now, not the beta.

Tap the “radio” button in the lower end of the screen.

Tap the cogwheel up to the right.

Tap “Webbradio”. You should then have the option to choose radio service.

Note: Alarm with radio will not work with B&O radio selected. It will just give you a “Beep”.