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Hi Matador!

Hopefully the OP will come back with  an answer but circa 2012 I used a Beoport/PC2 with my Windows PC, so here’s some comments.

Firstly I used it in a standalone setup, basically to connect my PC audio output to CX50 speakers via an MCL2P amp.  It had the advantage of allowing the PC to ‘wake up’ the MCL2P automatically as it booted up.  I used it with a VX sensor as you can see in the photo below:


The sensor allowed me to control Beoplayer with the Beo4 remote – even controlling the PC’s CD drive as if it was a normal CD player.  I could also play radio stations using N.RADIO and my stored music collection via N.MUSIC.  My PC didn’t have a TV tuner card fitted so I couldn’t use that function.

However the Beoplayer software was very clunky and not at all user friendly.  (I re-installed it last night to remind myself!)  It was very difficult to arrange music libraries and playlists; it worked well with mp3s but wouldn’t play FLAC .  There were some workarounds to force the software to clear the libraries so that they could be re-installed.  Beoplayer also has a Photo Viewer but it would only scan the Windows ‘My Documents’ folder to look for photo content – I couldn’t force it to look elsewhere (my NAS drive).

I couldn’t link it to the rest of my system because my BC9500 was not N.RADIO/N.MUSIC compatible.   However I doubt nowadays that it would be a user-friendly way to distribute digital content over masterlink – perhaps those with a connected BM5 have different views?

In the future I could imagine wanting my PC in the study to ‘share’ masterlinked Beolab speakers in the same room.  If so I suppose I could use the PC input on Beolink active, but the disadvantage is that the speakers would play either PC audio or masterlinked audio from the rest of the system.  I think an advantage of Beoport/PC2 is that you can mix the PC and masterlinked audio, so you can listen to your main B&O system whilst still hearing PC notifications etc.

Anyway, I have hijacked the thread but hopefully this is useful for the OP and others! 😀