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Thank you both for the replies!

I checked the fuses (both are good and were recently replaced). The voltage at the fuses was 123.5V AC.

I then checked the DC voltage at P3 – 1 and 2. The voltage was 33.9 VDC

I could not get a AC voltage reading at P3 – 3 and 4. I am guessing that this is and issue with my multimeter.

I proceeded to replace transistors TR12, 13, and 19. TR13 appears to be the transistor responsible for the “STOP” function and Tr12 the “START” function.

Now what happens is the same as before – the Beogram starts with the press of “33” and runs through until the return is activated. This time the return of the carriage is very very slow (as shown briefly in the end of the YouTube video found below). In addition, pressing the “>>” button starts the carriage going in the opposite direction. I am also unable to toggle between “33” and “45” rpm after having pressed “45”…

My knowledge of reading schematics is limited, so I really appreciate all the help and patience!