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I’m a little confused about the initial problem.

Are you comparing the sound of a song

  • played from Deezer on a Moment connected to the BL28s
  • played from vinyl played on a Beogram 9000 via a RIAA preamp through the Moment connected to the BL28s


If “yes”, then the difference in spectral balance is most likely to be caused by (in order of probability)

  • different masterings of the track (Deezer vs. vinyl)
  • wear on the stylus
  • weirdness in the RIAA filter’s magnitude response curve

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with connecting the RIAA output directly to the BL28s Line Input, since the fewer devices in an audio chain, the better (generally speaking…), but I doubt that this will make a big change in overall timbre that you’re describing.


If “no” then never mind… 🙂