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The not responding << >> buttons might fail because of a defective Lightbulb in the pushbutton housing or a broken or loose connection between Main PCB and Pushbutton board (check first)

Often the wires of these Lamps are broken or the lamp itself.

Measure from backside of the buttonboard the lamps solderpoints.

If you measure “OL” the lamp is broken if you measure about 50 to 100 Ohm the lamp seems ok and the error is frome somewhere else.

Regarding to the SM Chapter 5-3  you can measure the Voltage of 620 mV of the LDR´s

( P 5 -4 and P 5 – 6) and try to set the voltage with the screws. If you measure about 1,5 to 3 Volt and you can´t adjust any voltage the Lightbulb is probably dead.

Let us know if you got any succsess.

Kind Regards