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‘Unless you tell me there are better DACs…’ 

First we would have to define what ‘better DACs’ would mean.

There are different DACs, yes – but generally the DACs of today have reached a ‘quality’ (whatever that means), where you do not have to invest a lot of money.

In your case – since you use a USB to coax/S/PDIF conversion – your focus point would be the ‘DAC-solution’ inside the BL5’s/the way that the incoming data are processed.

I can only recommend to experiment with different solutions – but be sure to have playback at the same SPL (messured volume level), when you compare.
Even a small difference in the level may fool you to think one is better than the other (that is how human perception of sound works).


Anyway – enjoy your BL5’s….and do remember that the most important part of music listening is the quality of the recording/mixing/mastering of the files/the music.


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