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My first breakdown of digital video engine costed 1500 € (but to my big surprise my insurance company took the major part of it, I had to pay 150 €).

My second breakdown was much cheaper in total, but more expensive for me (as I couldn’t rely on the home insurance this time). The new DVE was for free as a goodwill from B&O as it was less then two years after the first repair, but I had to pay 350 € for the travel costs (1,5 h one way) and working time (3 h) for the service man. But much cheaper for me than expected.

The service man told me B&O repairs broken DVE by replacing faulty components with better ones, hence the lower price.

But I fear new breakdowns in the future as my personal view of the problem is the combination of slim design and lack of ventilation. So if you’re Avant is placed so you never see the back of it, remove the back plates for better cooling.