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I dont know if Im teaching you anything. Im very rusty on this kind of thing and being on B&O Actives all my adult life, Amps, Ohms and Impedence (imaginary component of resistance and reactance) is something I’ve never bothered about.

I may be wrong…..

  1. An Amp only delivers as much power as the work you give it. If the “work” required is too much, the amp cannot supply enough power (its the opposite as we normally see it).
  2. Impedance is internal resistance of a loudspeaker driver (voice coil?). Difficult to drive units are I believe either heavy, big, or rigid diaphragms. There is a lot of “work” to be done to move a unit and overcome inertia and change in acceleration (direction of drive).
  3. Monkey-coffin loudspeaker and amp manufacturers try to standardise a simple equation (Power, resistance, sensitivity) to give the average punter an idea of what they can buy combination-wise. I would assume that If your in the market for the wilson XVX, you would likely be in the marker for several very-high-powered, very high quality amplifiers.

No idea if this helps or its just telling you what you already know but it gave me 5minutes to think about it.

Flame me if Im wrong on the physics?