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It all seems very promising for Beocord.

There were 2 models, the K which had a wooden case, and the T which was a ‘portable’ with a plastic case.  You mention a plastic bottom bit and a wooden case top.  I assume you have the model ‘K’ .

Either model is not designed to operate vertically.

To remove the case part, upend the machine onto a protective surface (maybe a bath towel) being careful not to bend any of the protruding controls.  Look for 4 screws M4 holding the case to the chassis via 4 rubber vibration buffers.  Remove the screws and lift the wooden case clear.

The noise – to me the description is about right for the 2 lower speeds, there is a small increase in noise as speed is increased (everything moves faster…) BUT the highest speed noise is wrong.  Could it be something is rubbing at that setting?  If you remove the cover plate under the tape spools (6 screws, and Allen key to remove the speed change knob) you can see how the mechanism works.  In fact, mechanically nothing changes when the speed is changed EXCEPT the vertical position of the drive wheel on the stepped main pulley attached directly to the shaft of the Papst drive motor. I wonder if the main pulley is not in the correct location and causing the drive wheel to foul?  Without power to the machine, you should be able to see the movement and determine if the drive wheel is progressing smoothly up and down the main pulley.  The pulley position can be adjusted if you loosen the grub screw in the stepped pulley (2mm Allen key but needs an extra long one to reach the screw)

Sewing machine oil is fine, but remember less is better.  One small drop per shaft.

Yes I know of no other service manual on line other than the German one.  I find that if I can identify the part of the manual I need, then Google translate works well for a few paras.

I think you have hit the jackpot – and the circuit diagram is a real bonus after 50 years!

Best P