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Hello Beoworlders,

Chartz and Omminp, thanks for your precious informations.

I opened the set and cleaned what I could, including the heads which seem to be OK.

I did not put oil on the idlers, as I don’t know which kind of oil to use.

The exchange of capacitors is unfortunately out of my competence.

The connection from Beocenter to the Radio input on the BC 2000 works.

I kept a connection from the Line socket to an USB soundcard and tested the recording on a laptop. Test was successful.

Good surprise, a small envelope containing the schematic is stuck inside of the bottom plastic case.

2 problems remain:

1: I cannot find how the chassis is held on the wooden frame. I found one screw on the right side, underneath the headphone jack but could not find anything on the left side.

So if I place the set vertically, the chassis tends to get out.

Unfortunately the service manual available on the old site is in German and I don’t speak this language.

2: The set is rather silent on low speed, more noisy on middle speed and supersonic on high speed.

It does not work when placed vertically.

Could a video help someone to diagnose where the defect stands?

Thanks for your help,