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Hmmm. TR9 which is connected to TR17 was also busted. On replacing the transistor it immediately blew when power was applied (through a variac). There appears to be a short somewhere, I need to check if TR17 survived this. The power supply before the fuse is fine, all voltages are good if C12 (2200uF) was bad it would have killed the 12v power regulator as well (but it is fine).

So it has to be something downstream. The motor is good, I can apply just 4v DC and it spins without a hitch. I can move the two reel tables (I think that’s what they are called) by hand, no issues. There is a small motor on the backside of the tape assembly, this also works fine.

I have checked all of the transistors in the chain leading to the motor in the schematics and can’t find anything out of the ordinary. Only near the power supply are 2 blown transistors of which one blows immediately after replacement.

I need to think about what the hell is happening here. Cascade like this is not normal.