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I’ve had my android and iOS apps lock up a couple times since the upgrade.

I also had some strange behavior pairing/unpairing my Balances with iOS app.  After pairing, the paired Balance still showed up in the list of devices, but the pair worked fine aside from it only playing one track from DLNA and then stopping (regardless of pairing status).

I now see that I cannot unpair them.  It goes through the prompts but doesn’t do anything.  Maybe I should not have deleted the “orphan” Balance that iOS left behind after I paired them.  Now, when I go into the “Edit Stereo Pair” on the iOS app, the icon for the 2nd Balance is not there.  It shows a “missing icon” graphic.  The Android app shows both Balances, but still doesn’t unpair them.

I did not have them long enough before the upgrade to know if this is any different.

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