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This has been a problem in Chicago ever since B&O distribution moved to New York.  But aren’t partners required to be able to send out a repair, even if they cannot fix anything themselves?  So there must be someone they use, try asking it that way.  For example, BeoBoston store uses Atlantic Systems in Hanover, MA.  Alas, mail-away requires that you be able to extract the amplifier chassis yourself.  Maybe the OH store?  (Was rumored to be related to the Chicago store when that closed.)  Whoever they use, at least it’s closer than MA or CA.  Good luck and please post your result for others! [Edit: No, forget Cincinnati, a $500 diagnostic fee!  Applies to the repairs of course, but you can bet nothing will be less than $1000 as a result of sunk-cost psychology.  Sheesh, I remember when Atlantic Systems started charging $50 minimums just to keep out the riff-raff and non-repairable junk…]