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Hi Wallygator,

Here are three different posts that have detailed photos of the BG8002 spindle components.
BG8002 1

BG8002 2

BG8002 3

I don’t know what your capabilities are so I will just warn you that if you are not mechanically inclined I wouldn’t attempt to disassemble the tangential arm assembly spindle.

The first step is to remove the servo belt.
After that you rotate the spindle so the slotted, black plastic wheel is lined up so the small photo sensor board can be removed.
There is a plastic spring clip holding that sensor board in position so you need to carefully release that.

The spindle must be released from the plastic clip holding it but that is not all.
The spindle has a nylon nut the drives the tangential arm assembly and it is attached to the spindle and arm assembly transport by a plastic clip that the bottom (shiny) rail fits through.  So you will be removing that as well.

I use plastic pry tools to detach the spindle and rails from their clips.

Just work slowly and carefully (and take plenty of before photos) so you know how things go back together.

Hope that helps.