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Thanks, that explains the “I have .10012, but the app *says* I got .10017, yet it offers me” mistake. Great relief to know they didn’t creep in during the night and update-bandit us!-) Alas, it does not ameliorate forcing an update on a product when it is aded to an account, rather than asking. I think they should ask for any products added — but one might argue that new products come pre-set to “updates=YES” and therefore such autobadhavior is appropriate, provided adding old “updates=NO” products leaves them untouched. (@Steve, you were going to accept your GVA speakers’ update at some point, so why not try creating a new account and add them, settings status quo? That would test if the App blindly updates them or if it accepts that “‘Off’ means ‘Off’”. I cannot afford the risk on my remaining old unit to test this.)

To my knowledge this is the version for speakers set to the beta program.

Are you sure you didn’t set your Level to the beta program?


My BL28 and Balance both are set to follow the beta program and both have been updated.

addition: automatically updated to the sw version 1.8.10017.12375

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