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Well . . Well. .  Well . . . !

Who’d have thought it from B&O !

In my last post, I was having concerns about “Tape 2” not responding, I was looking at the PCB with the intention of replacing TR24 (BF840) with some 8x magnifying spectacles but keeping the focus is difficult at times, so I took some photos to examine on the big screen, this is what I found !

Copy of IMG_0463


It was a dry joint in the most literal sense.

“Tape 2” was a little temperamental initially when only one channel was working, but this fault was low priority at that time. I’m guessing that the original owners may have had problems with this (?) and maybe this is why I was able to buy it at the low price I paid.
So some very careful soldering, then reassembly and hey presto ! Everything works perfectly !

The 4x diodes (bridge rectifier) were replaced with long legs and a small piece of brass glued to the bodies of the diodes (being careful NOT to touch the legs ) to act as a heatsink.

Many thanks to ‘RaMaBo’ for the info, but I couldn’t even get “Tape 2” to light up at that point, I knew the problem was not my ignorance ( for ignorance, read ‘stupidity’ !).

So now I have a beautiful Beomaster 4500 in very good condition with everything working.

One very pleased Tim