Reply To: BeoSound 3200: is the AUX connection IN and/or OUT?

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Why I would do so > Cause I need the turntable and the cassette deck connected to the BeoSound for both recording, as well as for playing via speakers connected to the BeoSound.

Is it possible to simultaneously:

  • Connect a turn-table via the Auxiliary Pin 3 & 5 and play vinyl
  • And connect my cassette-deck via the same Auxiliary Pin 2 & 4 and record the music from the turn-table

Comment: I would say so, cause normally with RCA connections this AUX would be two RCA connectors for Line IN, and two RCA connectors for Line OUT. So, isn’t the DIN a combination of these sets of RCA connectors in one plug?



Please comment on my ‘Is it possible to simultaneously …’ question.