Reply To: BeoSound 3200: is the AUX connection IN and/or OUT?

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Thnx to all, this is a great experience to have such great responses so quickly on the BeoWorld forum!

Additionally I should mention, the external recorder is non-B&O. It will be a vintage Nakamichi 600 cassette deck.

Not being able to control this external recorder as a B&O device is not an issue. For me it is just important that there is a L & R channel OUT, that I can pick up via the Auxiliary connector on the back of the BeoSound 3200.

So from all your information I conclude it is possible and will work. As long as I use:

  • Pin 1 > ¬†Left out
  • Pin 2 > GND
  • Pin 4 > Right out

As mentioned and described in the response and picture of Matador.