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Good evening,

I owned a US MX 5000 (the previous model) for about 30 years. For the time, it had an excellent picture. Unfortunately, I damaged it when reassembling it by accidentally dropping a screwdriver on the case a few years ago. The picture tube shorted. It required another massive capacitor replacement, so it was not catastrophic.

In your case, the first thing is to replace all capacitors branded Rubycon. There may be 100 or more. You should also get an ESR meter to check all remaining ones. If the set was stored for 15 years, expect to see most of the capacitors dried.

On PCB 6 be very careful when removing capacitors. The black Rubycon caps leaks and damage the traces on the component side.

I have prepared a long time ago a repair guide for the MX 5000. It should be on the service manual section.

Capacitor replacement is also required for the VX 5000.

Good luck,