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Hi Steve, There are from time to time dicussions about what is going on in all the “old” B&O factory buildings. To my knowledge the Farm has been “taken back” by B&O after they at first tried to sell it and then later rentet it to the Struer municipality, maybe B&O is going to use it again? We know that Factory no. 5 is the aluminium production, but after your visit do you then know what is going on in factory no. 3 and 4. I don’t know if factory no. 2 is used by B&O or part of Sound Hub as Factory no.1? Personally I think it could be cool if B&O started up production again in Struer (Made in Denmark). We hear here in DK that more and more companies take back production from especially China but also other countries, maybe B&O has similar plans? /Pindsen


Hi Pindsen

The Farm is not sold and is not for sale anymore – what B&O is planning is not made public…..probably they haven’t even decided yet. I assume that the collection that they have bought recently might be on display there some time in the future.

The Farm certainly is not suitable for any production.
As for ‘taking back production to Struer’ I can hardly imagine that they would do so……however I have no inside knowledge what so ever.
As you know the aluminium production is in Struer (Fab 5) – they certainly have no plans for changing anything there.
Please do not forget that a lot is produced (or rather assempled) in the former B&O, now Tymphany owned factory in the Czech Rep…..which is EU!

The Fab 4 is the Head Quarter and more, called the Innovation Lab (Steve has videos which show some of what is going on there).
Fab 5 is where (apart from what is located in Lyngby/Copenhagen) the activities, that previously were spread over several locations in Struer now are concentrated.


The old buildings – Fab 1/2 – are used by B&O (e.g. the Cube) as part of the Sound Hub Denmark projects.

Please also see my post from June 14, 2022 at 4:56 pm:

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