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Thanks, that explains the “I have .10012, but the app *says* I got .10017, yet it offers me” mistake. Great relief to know they didn’t creep in during the night and update-bandit us!-)

Alas, it does not ameliorate forcing an update on a product when it is aded to an account, rather than asking.  I think they should ask for any products added — but one might argue that new products come pre-set to “updates=YES” and therefore such autobadhavior is appropriate, provided adding old “updates=NO” products leaves them untouched.  (@Steve, you were going to accept your GVA speakers’ update at some point, so why not try creating a new account and add them, settings status quo?  That would test if the App blindly updates them or if it accepts that “‘Off’ means ‘Off'”.  I cannot afford the risk on my remaining old unit to test this.)