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Since the update I’ve realised my own stupidity ! (It must be an age thing – this is what I’ve got to look forward to in my retirement !)

I’ve been trying to “blame” the EEPROM/battery for not remembering the settings when being put into standby, I found out that these settings have to be stored manually ! Oops.

Anyway, that now done and a full test later revealed one remaining fault, the “Tape 2” function doesn’t work – I’ve tested this by using a hand held screwdriver and touching the solder post (on the control PCB – bypassing the sensi-touch panel) and still no luck.

(I’ve also confirmed this by using the panel from a good working machine, and all worked OK then)

This is going to be tricky as the components are tiny (I believe they are called “surface mounted”?  I’m thinking it’s TR24 (BF840), has anyone got any other ideas and/or thoughts about testing this theory ?