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Hi Steve,

There are from time to time dicussions about what is going on in all the “old” B&O factory buildings.
To my knowledge the Farm has been “taken back” by B&O after they at first tried to sell it and then later rentet it to the Struer municipality, maybe B&O is going to use it again?
We know that Factory no. 5 is the aluminium production, but after your visit do you thenĀ  know what is going on in factory no. 3 and 4.

I don’t know if factory no. 2 is used by B&O or part of Sound Hub as Factory no.1?

Personally I think it could be cool if B&O started up production again in Struer (Made in Denmark). We hear here in DK that more and more companies take back production from especially China but also other countries, maybe B&O has similar plans?