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Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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Thanks MM,

I’m also a B&O “user” rather than a “collector” (I just have one B&O item that I don’t use at the moment, a 1970s Beocenter that is under repair).  I am torn between the two viewpoints, as I don’t want to see rare and unique B&O items hidden away and lost (sometimes not even able to be enjoyed by the owner), but I know that museums such as Struer and Bremdal have got some of their best items as gifts from private collectors.

Maybe if some collectors would be interested in “loaning” a few of their special items to a museum, or documenting the rarest items they have found, then this could help all the other B&O fans who haven’t had a chance to see or hear about these items.

I felt like a child in a sweet shop when I visited the B&O museums around the Struer area, I want more B&O enthusiasts to be able to experience this joy as well.

Kind regards, Steve.