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I am not sure exactly what the point was when I started collecting at the age of nine or ten, but it certainly wasn’t in order to brag or show off.
And it still isn’t.
I remember sitting with the catalogues, helplessly in love with each and every product, unable to decide which one(s) I’d like to have the most, if I should ever get a chance to own one.
And then it took off.

I’ve been collecting for my own pleasure. I would love to have all my items up and running, ready to look at, dust off and use, but I simply don’t have room for it, and it wouldn’t be a museum or somewhere I would drag my family and friends around anyways.
At home I only have my Beomaster 8000 which is in daily use. I have nothing on “display” and no “conversation pieces”.
The last two decades I have slowly but certainly been parting with things. Started with larger products, TVs,
large speakers, 40s, 50s and 60s radiograms, moving to doubles and/of more commonly seen products etc.
These days I am only adding items I never saw or owned before, exotic and strange products.
Documenting everything as I go has become an important point for me, and I should’ve done that from the very beginning.