Reply To: Beocenter 8500 – Cassettedeck stopped working

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Good morning Martin,

Yes the burning resistor is indicative of a larger issue. I replaced the resistor with a 250mW metal film resistor, it should be fine. The rest of the mechanism is all ok, nothing seized and has a new Beoparts belt. It is a one belt drive. It was playing fine when suddenly it slowed down pretty fast and then stopped altogether. This coincides with the burning resistor.

But. It seems there is no power going into the drive. The motors in there are fine, I can turn them on external power, nothing is seized. This must be the reason why the drive isn’t spinning. At least the capstan motor isn’t getting any juice at all. I expect the other motor to be down as well (I’d rather not muck around with that one even on low external voltage because it drives a lot of gears.

I need to check these B&O schematics on where the power to the motors is actually coming from and if there are any dependencies on that.