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The resistor in question is in series with the motor and is there to allow the safety circuit to monitor the motor current.
A too high current will cause a high voltage drop across the resistor (that’s ohms law), again causing the
monitoring transistor to issue a signal to the tape controller to stop the drive (in some Beocords/Beocenters take it into standby).
The resistor will also double as a safety fuse in severe cases, so DON’T fit a higher wattage resistor unless you want a house fire!

The resistor is not the problem – it merely indicates a problem.
Check the motor in the tape drive – seized?
Check the reel tables – seized?
And if the drive is the one-belt type, check the small idlerr at the extreme corner of the drive – seized?
Take apart, clean and relubricate accordingly.
Finally, check the power supply voltages – is the motor running at all?

The resistor is not marked as a safety component in all manuals, but it really should be.
Fit a good fusible (or at least flameproof) type of resistor.

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