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Hi Beoworlders, Please come and join me for a VERY special video premiere – a private guided tour of the World’s largest B&O collection of 1,000 items dating back to 1925! The video goes live at 12pm (UK) or 1pm (EU) on Friday – see you there!

Kind regards, Steve.


It’s a very impressive collection indeed – no doubt about that – and it does show some interesting specialties and rarities.

The collector(s) themselves may feel that it’s the best or finest collection in the world, and others may agree as this would be a decision to be made by the individual viewer.
I would tend to agree myself.
However, calling it the largest collection in the world would be factually wrong.
It’s far from being the largest collection in the world. And not the largest in Denmark either.
Keep in mind, that not all collectors like to show off their collection.
Based solely on collectors I am aware of and collections I personally know of and/or have seen, I would say its perhaps in the top ten in Denmark and top twenty internationally.

Impressive and interesting nonetheless, and the guys behind it are great.

(For reasons unknown to me apparently no longer Dillen).