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Success !

The STK4151V power amp was replaced and also all the small transistors between the power amp and the speaker connections, one was found to be dud.

I have not yet replaced the bridge rectifier diodes, but will do so as soon as they arrive (I’ve ordered the same as is already in the machine (1N4002)), I will mount these with ‘long legs’ and try to find something to clip over them to act as a heatsink.

Although both channels are working now, I’ve found that after every time it’s put into ‘standby’, it comes back on at full BASS and minimum TREBLE which needs to be reset each time, is this something to do with the EEPROM memory ?

So my questions are:
Is it OK to replace the EEPROM battery without losing the basic functions, if so, should this be done with the machine on (to remember the settings) or to have the machine switched ‘off’ ?
Secondly, I bought this machine as used, and therefore do not have a comprehensive owners manual, so is it possible to do “facory reset” on the EEPROM ?

The word “CODE” does not appear.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful.