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Sure enough: Level was left yesterday at v. 1.8.10012, with updates turned OFF.  Today it shows it is at version 1.8.10017 (and updates are still turned off).  But even that version has a red dot beside it, and on-offer is 1.8.10017.12375.  I accepted that update, because who knows what the forced one broke such that they are offering an *even newer* version just hours later?!?  After the manual update, the red dot is turned off, but it still only says v. 1.8.10017 as the current version, hiding the minor version number.

So either the current version display was intentionally lying (i.e. it was really still at 10012 but claimed 10017), or else an update was pushed to my Level overnight without my consent.  Either way, it’s yet another case of… Bang & Olufsen software developers are inept and/or dishonest.