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Thanks again.  This is most helpful.

“Strangely the BLC Line-in is not shown as source of the BLC in the app (BLC shows up in the app). The way around: setup the BLC as “primary connected” to the BS2. Then all (set up) sources of the BLC, including Line-in, are visible / reachable as “BS2 sources”.”

Yeah, this jogs some memories.  I also saw some notes of mine in the archive where there’s a difference between “LineIn” and “LINE IN”, with “LINE IN” being the BLC’s aux input.  Could one program a “my button” on a Beoremote One to automagically select this (I’ve only programmed “my buttons” for the TV)?

“Can’t command, no experience……. but I expect lots of strange behaviour; on the same time input and output…. how to handle?”

The idea is that the BS9000 can play whatever the Core is playing by selecting Aux on the BS9000, and the Core can broadcast whatever the BS9000 is playing by selecting Line-In on the Core.  The input/output on the same device would not be active at the same time.  That is, you wouldn’t select line-in (Core) and Aux (BS9000) at the same time.  However, this will clearly have the same delay issues with the NL devices.

Going to have to think about this some more…