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 To continue down the Spotify path, I already own a Chromecast Audio, but now the question is about how Aux-in is handled and the delay. If I were to route the Aux-in from the BS9000 to a NL device, I believe there will be a delay on the NL side, but no delay on the ML side. Therefore, if I had both devices playing at the same time, there’d be an “echo”. This is the scenario that the “NL/ML delay box” handles, correct? To delay the analog side (ML) to match the delay imposed by the digital side (NL)?

Note, if you have speakers connected to the BS9000 and play a CD then there will be no way to delay the sound played on the connected speakers!

Therefore, if I want synchronized audio from line-in input across all devices, I need to use line-in on the NL side (or find a delay box, but I don’t believe this box will delay the output between the BS9000 line-in and speakers connected to the BS9000, only to other ML connected devices). Therefore (assuming I’m correct in my thinking so far), I can, for example, connect a Chromecast to the Line-In on the BLC, and continue with a turntable connected to the Line-in on my (pre-GVA) BS2, and then map these to A.Video sources (like TV or DTV) in the BLC. Then, I press TV or DTV on the Beo4 while standing in front of my BS9000 or BL3500 and off we go on the ML devices.

This principle will work.

On the NL devices, how do you specify the BLC’s line-in as a source? I don’t recall whether the BLC shows up as a NL device in the BeoApp.

Strangely the BLC Line-in is not shown as source of the BLC in the app (BLC shows up in the app). The way around: setup the BLC as “primary connected” to the BS2. Then all (set up) sources of the BLC, including Line-in, are visible / reachable as “BS2 sources”.

If so, I’d start playing the Chromecast via the Spotify App which the BLC will sense and turn on, and then I can “touch to join” on NL devices (or app) to hear the audio?

The auto-sense doesn’t work to satisfactory, so I stopped using it. In principle the right source selection on ML-side (as set in the BLC) should open the Line-in of the BLC. Otherwise start Line-in of the BLC on the BS2, the start the ML-side with the right command.

One more question on a slightly different topic, if I want to play CDs from the BS9000 on my BL3500 and have this simultaneously playing on a NL device, I would need a delay box, correct?

See my remark above.

If I forget about the BLC and just add a core to the line-in of the BS9000, and connect the line-out of the BS9000 to the line-in of the core, I’d have a similar delay problem when playing CDs, correct? As the audio distributed via the line-in of the core is delayed a bit.

Can’t command, no experience……. but I expect lots of strange behaviour; on the same time input and output…. how to handle?

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