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Sorry it was unclear: *IF* the Emerge uses a USB power supply, likely it’s similar to the one above, which is a *universal* power supply.  Universal?  Yes, you can read from its “INPUT” specs, it will accept anything from 100volts AC (Japan) up thru 240volts AC (United Kingdom), and 50 Hertz (Europe) thru 60 Hz (elsewhere).  That power supply would normally come with prong sets for US, EU, and UK electric, which are nothing but big solid wires in a plastic holder that slides into the slots of that power brick.  If you get the wrong prongs (which you will from the EU) because it’s nothing but wires, all you need is a cheap adapter plug that turns two round prongs into the standard North American flat prongs.  Worth your time & trouble: Read the brief introduction at .

Therefore, the only case in which you would buy a North American switching adapter is if B&O cheaped out and Emerge doesn’t come with a universal supply but rather comes with a single-voltage INPUT (220V only).  This is possible but unlikely.  (Or, as stated above, if it has an AC power cord and its own internal power, in which case you need to check those INPUT specs, on the bottom of the unit.)  You’ll know for sure once Razlaw takes a look.